Course curriculum

    1. Watch: Welcome

    2. Read: Content Warning

    3. Your Response - Introductions

    4. Watch: Let's Meet the Team in Australia

    5. ZOE International

    6. Watch: What is Human Trafficking?

    7. Your Response - The Elements of Human Trafficking

    8. Watch: What is Modern Slavery?

    9. Watch: One Child's Story of Rescue

    10. Your Response - Story of Rescue

    11. Watch: Vulnerability Factors

    12. Read: Demand

    13. Watch: ZOE's Response to Child Trafficking

    14. Quick Pause...

    15. Watch: Trafficking in Australia

    16. Shared Responsibility - Children's Safety

    17. Case Summary: Sydney Sisters

    18. A Deeper Look: Sydney Sisters

    19. Does child trafficking happen in Australia?

    20. Hidden in Plain Sight

    21. Your Response - Human Trafficking

    22. Human Trafficking -in Australia- What We Know

    23. Your Response - ZOE's work

    24. Your Response - One thing you've learnt

    25. Before We Move On...

    26. Any further feedback or comments?

    1. Stories of Survival

    2. Read: Beautiful Stories of Healing and Hope

    3. Watch: Nuan's Story

    4. Read: A New Life for Nicha

    5. Watch: The Letter

    6. Read: Mina's Story

    7. Watch: The Story of One: Chatri

    8. Read: From At-Risk to Protected

    9. Read: ZOE Gave me a Mum and Dad

    10. Read: Reclaiming ZOE

    11. Your Response - Stories of Survival

    1. Read: SPOTLIGHT: ZOE Co-Founder Carol Hart

    2. Listen: Podcast with Ben Wood and David Cross

    3. Read: The Child Rescue Team in Thailand

    4. Watch: We Believe In Family

    5. Read: Family Atmosphere (Mother's Day)

    6. Your Response - Family and Indigenous Parents

    7. Read: Core Values

    8. Watch: LA Youth Home/ Cultural Humility - 10 minutes

    9. Your Response - Core Values

    10. Your Response - The Heart of ZOE

    11. Feedback and Comments

    1. Frequently Asked Questions

    2. Watch: Will ZOE Buy Children?

    3. Your Response - Buying Children

    4. Watch: How Does ZOE Decide Who to Rescue?

    5. Watch: What Happens if a Child is About to be Sold?

    6. Watch: Is ZOE Just a Big Children's Home?

    7. Read: What is Orphanage Trafficking?

    8. Read: Orphanage Trafficking and the Modern Slavery Act in Australia

    9. Watch: What Happens When a Child Turns 18?

    10. Watch: ZOE City Centre Thailand

    11. Watch: Will ZOE Only Help Christian Children?

    12. Watch: How Does ZOE Prevent Children From Being Trafficked Again?

    13. Watch: How does ZOE protect the dignity and identity of children?

    14. Your Response - Dignity and Identity

    15. Watch: Does ZOE Collaborate?

    16. Watch: What Can I Do?

    17. Your Response - Multiple Choice

    18. Your Response - FAQs

    19. Feedback and Comments

    1. Online Crimes Against Children

    2. Open Conversations

    3. Watch: A Current Affair - Protecting our kids

    4. Read: Slavery Goes Viral in Australia

    5. Watch: What is Online Child Sexual Exploitation?

    6. Quiz: Which of the following are part of online child sexual exploitation?

    7. Read: Cambodia feared lagging behind predators in cybersex trafficking crackdown

    8. Your Response - Online Child Sexual Abuse Material

    9. Read: Tackling Cybersex Child Trafficking in the Philippines

    10. Your Response - Cybersex Child Trafficking

    11. Watch: Dangers of Online Predators & Human Trafficking. Males Are Victims Too

    12. Watch: Staying Safe Online

    13. Read: Phone Contract

    14. Review: Downloadable Phone Contract

    15. Your Response - Child Exploitation and Trafficking in Australia

    16. Feedback and Comments

    1. What Now?

    2. Read: Ordinary People

    3. Watch: Emily's Story

    4. Read: Tony and Margaret

    5. Watch: Ben Price and ZOE Australia

    6. Read: Mark Easton

    7. Your Response - Next Steps

    8. Read: The Triple ‘A’ Approach

    9. Watch: What's in your heart? What's in your hand?

    10. Congratulations!

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